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" In 2015, Tentech was founded as an innovative technology manufacturer committed to supplying LED display products worldwide. Tentech has become a successful company over the past eight years by providing dependable LED display products and expert LED display solutions. In addition, the Tentech team has extensive experience and knowledge in pre-sales consulting and after-sales support, as well as high-quality products at competitive prices, which can help our partners stand out in the intense competition.


Our Team

" Tentech's LED display technology is now expanding its brilliance to the captivating Philippine islands. With our state-of-the-art displays, we're bringing vibrant and dynamic visuals to this tropical paradise, adding a touch of modernity to its natural beauty. From bustling Manila to the serene beaches of Palawan, Tentech's LED displays are transforming the way people experience entertainment, information, and advertising. As we embark on this exciting journey, we're committed to illuminating the Philippines with innovative and captivating visuals that captivate hearts and minds, one pixel at a time.
  • Dynamic and Interactive Content

    LED video walls can display dynamic, interactive, and high-definition content, making them a more engaging and attention-getting advertising medium than inert billboards or displays. Advertisers can display videos, animations, live broadcasts, and real-time updates, allowing for greater creativity and instant audience engagement.

  • Cost-Efficiency

    LED video walls may have a higher initial cost than traditional billboards, but they offer long-term cost savings. LED displays are energy-efficient, resulting in reduced electricity costs. In addition, LED displays can be updated remotely, thereby eradicating the costs associated with printing and installing new billboards whenever a message changes.

  • Targeted Advertising and Analytics

    Traditional billboards make it difficult to target specific audiences at specific periods, whereas LED video walls make it possible to do so. Advertisers can schedule different content to appear at different times of the day or for various events, thereby maximizing the relevance of their message.

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